Vision: Sail away to achieve dreams

Focusing on cultivating and maintaining significant international influence, strong market competitiveness, and lasting enterprise vitality, we will make unremitting efforts and forge ahead to achieve the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, the ocean dream of industrial revitalization, and the corporate dream of rich and strong enterprises。

Mission: To be the leader of the future Marine industry

Based on the forefront of industrial development, gather industry leading talents, master high-end core technologies, innovate enterprise development models, give play to the driving role of core investment and financing platforms, lead social capital, uphold the concept of green development, and promote the Marine industry to high-end, high-quality and efficient direction。

Core values

In relationships,Mutual respect, tolerance,Embody the realm of harmony and diversity;On group control,Respect corporate governance structure,To safeguard the autonomy of investment enterprises in operation;In industrial development,Follow the market law of enterprise development law,Build a good industrial ecology;In foreign cooperation,Focus on development and sharing,Achieve win-win cooperation。


Keep your mission in mind and be accountable to your shareholders and employees。To fulfill the political responsibility of state-owned enterprises, assume the social responsibility of corporate citizens, and establish the corporate brand and good social image;Responsible for the long-term development of the cause, responsible for the employees, to the rich staff strong enterprise as their own responsibility, to provide employees with their own ability to play the platform and decent and rich salary treatment。


Shoulder the responsibility, undertake the historical mission of pioneering and innovation, build a permanent foundation, bear in mind that born in distress and die in happiness, always maintain the crisis consciousness of death without war, constantly examine yourself, motivate yourself, correct yourself, and make yourself more excellent。


Dedication, courage, firm goal, keep calm in prosperity, firm faith in adversity, with the spirit of perseverance, through the thorns, unremitting efforts, create brilliant。