Zhao Shiqing, executive chairman of Hong Kong Huaguang Shipping, visited the company

629On the same day, Zhao Shiqing, executive chairman of Hong Kong Huaguang Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. and his delegation visited the company, and Yu Bing, Party secretary and chairman of Shipping Shares, met with Zhao Shiqing and his delegation, and the two sides had an exchange and discussion on business cooperation。

In the panel,The two sides exchanged views on the growth process, industrial layout and business development of their respective enterprises,Hot topics such as the training of maritime professionals, the social responsibility of shipping enterprises, carbon emissions and the impact of carbon trading on the shipping industry were discussed,And hope to take this opportunity to discuss and exchange,We will further strengthen communication and contact with each other,Make full use of each other's superior resources,Vigorously explore cooperation opportunities,Ultimately achieve mutual benefit and win-win results,Jointly promote the prosperity and development of the global shipping industry。

Xu Tao, member of the Party Committee of Shipping shares and deputy general manager, the relevant personnel of the tanker company and Huaguang Shipping participated in the activity。